Love Is Not Cancelled

by | Sep 29, 2020

Following Lockdown in March this year, came the welcome news that smaller, summer weddings could go ahead from July. The majority of couples who had booked their wedding for 2020, however, had no choice but to postpone. (We have moved over 50 wedding dates for our brides and grooms.)
But for some couples, postponing their big day for a year just wasn’t an option, and we have been fortunate to capture those weddings’ magical moments.

These very special 2020 weddings may not have been as originally planned, but they were more intimate and focussed, and were shared with the couples’ closest family and friends.  And it turned out to be “The best day of their lives.”
These exceptional weddings prove that “Love is not cancelled!”  Indeed the celebration party with extended family and friends can wait until later, (resulting in a double celebration!) Meanwhile the couples’ ceremony and love was captured for them forever.

OK, so there are a few new rules, eg guests wearing masks during the cermony, hand sanitiser instead of guest books, social distancing (when advised,) but we’ve all found that this certainly doesn’t take away any of the magic or the reason we have all come together.

Over the summer, we’ve been to church cermeonies, garden parties, rugby club parties as well as the more traditional hotel receptions, and we have loved noticing how people have adapted and ended up enjoying an incredible day. We’ve particularly noticed that the couples have had a more relaxed day, without the need to dash around trying to greet and speak to so many guests. Instead they have had time to savour the occasion, to ‘stop and smell the roses … in the bouquet!”  Often there is so much to fit in, but at the moment it’s all about the couple being with each other, and with the people who are closest to them and most important in their lives.  What has come across loud and clear at these wonderful weddings is that LOVE IS NOT CANCELLED!

So if you are in two minds whether to put your special day off until sometime in the future, or to go ahead with a more intimate wedding now, be reassured that those that have gone ahead, have loved it.  Just look at the following pictures, which, I think you will find, speak for themselves.